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Dash Panels Dash Panels
Dash Panels

Positron will make and load dash panels for virtually any vehicle, boat, golf cart, fire truck, ambulance and emergency vehicle. Wire harnessing can be added to allow the customer to simply plug in and go.

Switch/Convenience Panels Switch/Convenience Panels
Switch/Convenience Panels

Our switch panels and monitor panels are found in a diverse group of products ranging from recreational vehicles such as motor homes and van conversions. Other customers include construction equipment, heavy trucks, limousines, boats, airplanes, etc. 

12 Volt Electronics 12 Volt Electronics
12 Volt Electronics

Positron provides design and manufacture of printed circuit panel boards which work as holding tank monitor systems , fuel timers, low oxygen warning systems, temperature control, audio noise filters, regulated power supplies, power distribution, etc. 

We also make fuse block, relay and circuit breaker assemblies. We specialize in 12 volt electronics.



Plastic Sheet Lamination Plastic Sheet Lamination
Plastic Sheet Lamination

Positron is a lamination leader in class A surface decorative plastic sheet.

Please visit our photo gallery to see our decorative color patterns. 

Misc. Signage Misc. Signage
Misc. Signage

Positron also manufactures signs of any size and color.  These signs are custom made and can be back lighted as per customer requirements. 



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  1. Laminated Plastic Sheeting
  2. Custom CNC Machining
  3. Custom Engraving

Customer Driven

“Positron is very knowledgeable & helpful.

They have a quick response time and are detail oriented.

Very enjoyable working with them.”

Becky Hostetler



“We really appreciate your support, Best customer service ever”

Isaac Salazar Erazo

Material Planner


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